Students in the Syracuse Economic Opportunity Center’s ProTrain program gain hand-on experience. The program is offered through EOC’s Career and Technical Programs and was developed in partnership with Work Train.

Industry Based Partnerships and Programs

Workforce and labor research suggests that sector-based partnerships and industry-specific programs are  highly effective. Accordingly, Work Train builds “Industry Partnerships” to develop and sustain programs that meet the unique needs of our regional employers. Currently, our target industries are health care, manufacturing and technology.

The following partnership-based programs are Powered By Work Train.


The Work Train Collaborative has adopted the following goals for 2020-2023:

  • Higher levels of alignment and strategy across the employment & training system and better leveraging of funding, resulting in more low-income Syracuse residents becoming trained and employed in self-sufficiency wage jobs.
  • More employers engage with Work Train on job quality, career advancement, transportation, work/family and DEI, resulting in more workers retaining their jobs, experiencing better working conditions, career advancement and less discrimination on the job.


We work across four industries: health care, technology, construction and manufacturing. Our primary method is utilizing industry partnerships to develop and sustain programs that meet the unique needs of our regional employers. Specifically:

  • We create pathways for low-income Syracuse residents to enter, succeed and advance in high-demand careers;
  • We support employers to hire and retain a skilled workforce; 
  • We engage with training providers to align with employer demand.